✨Mums & Babies Postnatal pop-up with Rhea from One Element Docklands is taking place every Tuesday in June at Good Hotel at 10:30 AM!

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Postnatal Mums and Babies Workout with Lisa


✨Single Session Pass for a Postnatal Mums & Babies Pop-Up with Lisa from In2Sports at Wood Wharf / Canary Wharf ✨

📍Location: In2Sports (40 Harbord Square, Wood Wharf, London, E14 9QH)

Booking your class is risk-free! Here's our guarantee at Move & Gospel:

Missed Class: If you pay for a class and can't attend, we'll automatically roll over your credit to the next available one.
New Parent Challenge: If caring for your baby in class hinders your workout, let us know! We'll offer your next session free of charge.

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